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USA Softball Umpire Exam

USA Softball Umpire Manual

The Umpire Exam is an Annual requirement for each registered umpire with a minimum passing score of 80%  In order to be considered for certified you must score over a 90%.  Please follow up and re-complete the exam if you score below the passing minimums. If you have questions or difficulty please e-mail a UIC Staff Member.  Good Luck. 

2020_USA Umpire Exam– Paper PDF Copy

2020 Online Cumulative Exam 

2020 Online Fast Pitch Only Exam

2020 Online Slow Pitch Only Exam 


Reference Material

USA Softball Umpire Manual

National Office Clarifications & Plays

2020 USA Softball Rule Changes

2018 USASBC Umpire Exam Common Errors