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USA Softball of Colorado Announces the HPP

USA Softball has created a very exciting and unique program called the USA Softball High Performance Program. (HPP). This program is intended as a pipeline to the USA Softball National Team. Through a series of local, regional and national Identifier and player development opportunities, athletes who desire to compete at an elite level will have an opportunity to do so. For more detailed information regarding the USA Softball HPP (High Performance Program) please visit

The Program is intended to identify the best of the best in Colorado, make them better and provide an elevated platform to play at the next level (college and the National Team). Team USA Colorado is not intended to take athletes from their current competitive teams, rather work in tandem and elevate training, competition and exposure opportunities.


The USA Softball High Performance Program (HPP) will identify a pool of athletes to train, compete and represent USA Softball through domestic and international competition. The program will focus on providing an equal opportunity for players to develop their skills and show their talent while growing the game of softball in the United States. Serving as a pipeline to the National Team, the program is inclusive to all that wish to participate and develop their skills. The program will also identify a pool of coaches who can lead athletes and support their goals to advance their skills and achieve success.

Through the HPP, athletes around the country will have the chance to make a USA Softball National Team at multiple age groups. Working first at the local level, the best talent in the game will work through camps, clinics, identifiers and tryouts to make local teams, region teams and potentially be selected to a National Team to participate with USA Softball at a World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) international event.

Coaches in the program have the ability to learn from top coaches and invest in athletes’ futures. They have the opportunity to grow the game of softball, both in participation as well as skill level. Giving back to the game and helping with this program will lead to satisfaction and watching their athletes achieve success.

The HPP includes 10 regions and 62 local areas throughout the country. The program is headed by the USA Softball National Office and a committee that was formed to create the program and adjust, as necessary. The committee will also work to place individuals in roles throughout the regions and areas. Through evaluation, placement, training, and re-evaluation each year, HPP can identify athletes for advancement consideration, working to discover the future Women’s National Team athletes.


Players are selected based on evaluations from local top-level coaches at the local Identifiers and invited tryouts. The Identifiers (try outs) will be uniform across the U.S., and all participants will be evaluated at one (1) position.  The top athletes from the Colorado Identifier will be notified and will advance to the Regional Identifier.  Identifiers and tryouts will be run by local coaches that have been recognized or approved by USA Softball for their ability to train and identify athletes at a high level.  Selection of these players is not an easy task. The local area Head Coach will be assisted in the selection process by several other qualified coaches or evaluators.

USA Softball of Colorado is working to build upon the initial foundation of the HPP and will be developing a High Performance Player Development Program for Team USA Colorado that will be implemented in 2022. This Program will provide further player development training and national exposure/ competition opportunities to athletes selected from the Colorado Identifier. Stay tuned for more information as that Program is further developed!


  1. The opportunity to train and play with the best local players in your age group.
  2. Quality instruction: Learn from USA Softballs top coaches in your area.
  3. Quality competition: Games against other state area HPP teams.
  4. Exposure to national team coaches and selection committee members.
  5. The opportunity to represent one’s state area, region, or country in competition.


The National HPP is broken into different state areas. HPP Identifiers for each age group will be held in those areas followed by try-outs on an annual basis. Age groups and try-out dates may be different from area to area, based on seasonal and state considerations.

2021 USA Softball Colorado Identifier:

When: February 20th
Where: Firestone Regional Sports Complex 6850 Tilbury Ave, Firestone, CO
Cost: $80
Registration: The Colorado Identifier
Before the event, you must register. Registration cuts off one week before the event. On-site registration is available, for an extra fee of $10.

If you pre-register, you must bring your confirmation receipt or be able to pull it up on your phone. This will help the Program Coordinator find your registration quickly, through your Member ID number. During the event, you will wear your Member ID race number on your shirt for easy identification.


The HPP age classifications are based on the age guidelines for the WBSC competition schedule. Age groups are defined by birth year and an athlete must be the age group age throughout the entire year. For example, if an athlete is trying out for the 2021 14u region team, the athlete must not turn 15 until 2022. The age of the athlete on Dec 31 determines their age group for the following year. An athlete may try out for their age group team but be asked to move up in age group.

2021 Age groups that will participate in the program:

U-13 – Local Area Pool, Regional Pool (born 2008 or after)

U-14 – Local Area Pool, Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC qualifier) (born 2007 or after)

U-15 – Local Area Pool, Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC World Cup) (born 2006 or after)

U-16 – Local Area Pool and Regional Pool (born 2005 or after)

U-17 – Local Area Pool, Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC qualifier) (born 2004 or after)

U-18 – Local Area Pool, Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC World Cup) (born 2003 or after)

USA Softball of Colorado – HPP Director; Director of Player Development Ashlie Rowley –

More about Ashlie – Click Here

The USA Softball HPP Colorado Selection Board
Ashlie Rowley, Robert Manzanares, Matt Baldner, Caitlan Wilkinson and Nik Mead