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USA Softball Umpire National Indicator Fraternity

National Indicator Fraternity 

This reward program has been available to USA Softball umpires since 1986. It was originally started as a program for those umpires who have been assigned and officiated in three National Championships, but did not qualify or gain approval for World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) certification. Today it is considered the highest level reward program for USA Softball umpires, not including the National Softball Hall of Fame Umpire classification or WBSC certification.

The applicant must have been a USA Softball registered umpire for at least seven (7) years, but does not have to be currently active. To qualify the umpire must have umpired or served as a National Championship Umpire-in-Chief (UIC) or Assistant UIC for three nationals, or can substitute attendance at a USA Softball Advanced Umpire School for one of the nationals. Approval by the local Commissioner and the Regional UIC is mandatory for acceptance. The cost is $25.00 and the umpire receives a certificate, membership card, luggage tag and a lapel pin.

The program is popular for those umpires who have advanced to the next level, and as a result have umpired in three nationals. It is a select group, considering that there are nearly 50,000 umpires nationwide. Applications must be received by Dec. 1st of each year in order for your name to be listed at the National Hall of Fame and printed annually in the USA Softball Umpire Manual.  Print the application here: 2018NIFApplication


Colorado Umpire National Indicator Fraternity

Name City Organization Year Awarded
Chuck Allen Pagosa Springs, CO Colorado 1995
Jim Bagwell Durango, CO Colorado 2006
Glenda Bates Thornton, CO Colorado 2000
Mark Beeman Colorado Springs, CO Colorado 2000
Arthur “Don” Bennett Montrose, CO Colorado 1998
Michael L. Brady Ft. Collins, CO Colorado 1988
C. James Cieminski Aurora, CO Colorado 1995
Bridget Collins Lakewood, CO Colorado 2006
Michael Engel Arvada, CO Colorado 2009
Steve Ertzberger Littleton, CO Colorado 1993
Charlie Flowers Denver, CO Colorado 1998
Virgil Frey Grand Junction, CO Colorado 1986
Jim George Broomfield, CO Colorado 2005
James Gochenour Aurora, CO Colorado 2003
Terry Gregg Denver, CO Colorado 1993
Gordon “Chris” Hill Arvada, CO Colorado 2005
Stephen R. Hines Denver, CO Colorado 2000
Larry L. Hood Pueblo, CO Colorado 1986
Matt Johnson Denver, CO Colorado 2014
Judy Johnston Lafayette, CO Colorado 1998
Edwin Jones, Jr. Ft. Collins, CO Colorado 1996
Jack Kiplinger Colorado Springs, CO Colorado 2005
Donna Kraft Denver, CO Colorado 1996
David Little Fort Collins, CO Colorado 1993
Gene R. Little Aurora, CO Colorado 1998
Curt Loomis Littleton, CO Colorado 2001
Dave Lopez Colorado Springs, CO Colorado 1998
Calvin Martin Pueblo, CO Colorado 2013
Ronald L. Martin Longmont, CO Colorado 1991
James McKinley Colorado Springs, CO Colorado 2001
David Neidlinger Aurora, CO Colorado 1986
James W. Oakes Aurora, CO Colorado 1991
Gregory L. Phelan Peyton, CO Colorado 2000
Jim Pierce Littleton, CO Colorado 1993
Kathy Pixley Durango, CO Colorado 1998
Michael “Mickey” Popejoy Westminster, CO Colorado 1998
Richard A. Reininger Brighton, CO Colorado 1988
Charles Rendon Pueblo, CO Colorado 2000
Daniel Ringsby Arvada, CO Colorado 2003
Ronald E. Roach Aurora, CO Colorado 1998
Joe Sammon Colorado Springs, CO Colorado 1986
Frank M. Schoengarth Westminster, CO Colorado 1995
Lawrence R. Scutt Aurora, CO Colorado 1994
Robert Smoker Lakewood, CO Colorado 1993
Curtis Snow Arvada, CO Colorado 1993
Raymond R. Stewart Grand Junction, CO Colorado 1995
William Sturdevant Littleton, CO Colorado 1994
Lynn Sunahara Denver, CO Colorado 1996
David Taylor Aurora, CO Colorado 2000
Robert L. Warmouth Aurora, CO Colorado 1990
N. Earl Warren Aurora, CO Colorado 1997
George White Aurora, CO Colorado 1988
Beth Yacono Aurora, CO Colorado 1996

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