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Umpire Awards

USA Softball of Colorado State Umpire Awards

2017 USA Softball of Colorado Umpire of the Year: Terry Reed


USA Softball National Awards

At USA Softball, we honor umpires for their years of service and expertise through a variety of Umpire Award programs. Whether through our Medals and Elite Umpire Programs, the National Indicator Fraternity, WBSC Certification or the ultimate honor with the National Softball Hall of Fame, no other organization has this various assortment of rewards programs for their umpire.  For the national information on Umpire awards please visit

Medals Program

Umpires can be rewarded for registering and officiating USA softball without being assigned to regional or national championships. This rewards the local umpire who supports the USA program, and can be relied upon for local assignments. Each Year the UIC Staff will recommend three Umpires for their dedication and ahrd work and pay for their medals application. 

There are four levels for this program – the Blue level for those who have been registered for three (3) years, the Bronze level for those registered for five (5) years, the Silver level for those registered for seven (7) years and the Gold level for those registered for seven (7) years. Umpires can reach these levels quicker if they have umpired in national championships, or attended National Umpire Schools.

The program was instigated in 1999 and currently there are 5536 umpires registered in the program at various levels. The cost is $25 for each level, and the umpire receives a cap, certificate and pin symbolic of the level achieved. An umpire could register for all four levels if he/she desires and receive caps, certificates and pins for each level paid. In addition, there are various leisure wear items, jewelry items and trophies for each level if the umpire or association desires to purchase these.

The Medals program is a very popular program for the USA Softball umpire, with the caps and shirts being seen all across the United States USA Softball umpires take pride in their program and as more umpires are becoming aware of this reward program, more registrations are received. When submitting the application, local association commissioners must approve, indicating the umpire is in good standing. Names are printed annually in the USA Softball Umpire Manual Applications are available from the National Office or our web site. Print the Medals Application here 2018MedalsApplication



Medals Award Recipients

List of Medals Levels for Colorado as of 2018 from national Website

Name City Level Organization
Laurie Adams-Pachl Aurora, CO Bronze Colorado
Chuck Allen Pagosa Springs, CO Gold Colorado
Jim Bagwell Durango, CO Silver Colorado
Glenda Bates Thornton, CO Silver Colorado
Mark Beeman Colorado Springs, CO Gold Colorado
Arthur “Don” Bennett Montrose, CO Gold Colorado
Ralph Bier Lyons, CO Silver Colorado
Steve Boudreaux Larkspur, CO Bronze Colorado
Michael L. Brady Ft. Collins , CO Gold Colorado
C. J. Callaham Colorado Springs, CO Blue Colorado
Hugh Campbell Thornton, CO Bronze Colorado
Ken Campbell Englewood, CO Bronze Colorado
Ken Campbell Englewood, CO Bronze Colorado
James Clarkson Colorado Spgs, CO Gold Colorado
Bridget Collins Lakewood, CO Silver Colorado
Dallas Cress Arvada, CO Bronze Colorado
Wiley Davis Aurora, CO Blue Colorado
Dennis Eichner Broomfield, CO Gold Colorado
Michael Engel Arvada, CO Silver Colorado
Charlie Flowers Denver, CO Gold Colorado
Peter Gates Colorado Springs, CO Blue Colorado
Robert Goble Westminster, CO Blue Colorado
James Gochenour Aurora, CO Bronze Colorado
Jennifer Grundy Pueblo West, CO Blue Colorado
Scott Harris Aurora, CO Bronze Colorado
Stan Helmkamp Broomfield, CO Gold Colorado
Larry Jeames Aurora, CO Silver Colorado
Judy Johnston Lafayette, CO Silver Colorado
Randy Jordan Lakewood, CO Gold Colorado
Barbara Joslin Parker, CO Bronze Colorado
Robert Kallina Grand Junction, CO Bronze Colorado
T.D. King Littleton, CO Silver Colorado
Jack Kiplinger Colorado Springs, CO Gold Colorado
Donna Kraft Denver, CO Gold Colorado
Curt Loomis Littleton, CO Gold Colorado
Dave Lopez Colorado Springs, CO Gold Colorado
Calvin Martin Pueblo, CO Gold Colorado
James McKinley Colorado Springs, CO Gold Colorado
Nathan Nagle Gunnison, CO Silver Colorado
Steven Nasalroad Aurora, CO Bronze Colorado
Larry Neth Highlands Ranch, CO Bronze Colorado
Kathy Pixley Durango, CO Silver Colorado
Richard Plankis Montrose, CO Gold Colorado
Raymond Powe Colorado Springs, CO Gold Colorado
Terry Reed Aurora, CO Gold Colorado
Benny “Ginger” Rendon Pueblo, CO Gold Colorado
Charles Rendon Pueblo, CO Silver Colorado
Charles Rice Aurora, CO Silver Colorado
Dustin Rice Aurora, CO Silver Colorado
James Rickel Englewood, CO Gold Colorado
Daniel Ringsby Arvada, CO Gold Colorado
Robert Solomon Colorado Springs, CO Bronze Colorado
Richard Stemley Denver, CO Gold Colorado
Claude Stuart Conifer, CO Gold Colorado
William Sturdevant Littleton, CO Gold Colorado
Lynn Sunahara Denver, CO Gold Colorado
Patricia Sutterlin Aurora, CO Bronze Colorado
David Taylor Aurora, CO Gold Colorado
Jennifer. Tobyne Lakewood, CO Bronze Colorado
John Tubbs Grand Junction, CO Gold Colorado
Wolf Wendell Afton, MN Silver Colorado
George White Aurora, CO Gold Colorado
Rick Wilcox Loveland, CO Silver Colorado
Steve Wilson Boulder, CO Silver Colorado





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