2018 Season Availability & Pay

2018 Availability

Please see the following link for the list of USA Softball of Colorado Tournaments 

USA Softball of Colorado Tournaments

We will be utilizing Arbiter starting March of 2018 for all tournament assignments.  Their will be a lead UIC assigned to each tournament who will reach out to the mass distribution list for availability. Please ensure you respond to any availability notice from any UIC on upcoming tournaments and then once notified accept your assignments. 

Prior to being assigned you must have your registration complete, background check done (Completed by the state office), your 2018 umpire Exam complete with a passing score of 80% or higher, and have your proper umpire attire. All National play ball must have USA Softball or at minimum ASA with shadow block letter uniforms. 

Please send all changes or updates to availability to the UIC that contacted you or  to


2018 Pay Levels

For 2018 We will have 2 levels of registration for Umpires at two separate pay tiers. 

Registered Umpire: Standard 2-Umpire Crew: $37 p/game; 1-Umpire Crew: $47 p/game 
Scholarship tournament is $35 p/game 

  1. Current USA registration, and in good standing with USA Softball of Colorado.
  2. Attend one local or national clinic
  3. Pass background check
  4. Score higher than 80% on the exam
  5. Promote and support USA softball in a positive light

Certified Umpire: Standard 2-Umpire Crew: $41 p/game; 3-Umpire Crew: $35 p/game; 1-Umpire Crew: $51 p/game
  *Scholarship tournament is $37 p/game

Meet all the requirements of a registered umpire and any criteria set forth by the UIC.
Certifications are made on an annual basis. If an umpire does not meet the certified requirements they will be automatically moved down to the lower level.

  1. All requirements of a Registered Umpires
  2. Score higher than 90% on the exam
  3. Attend two local or one national and one local clinic (For umpires who have over 5 years of USA Softball registration you will only be required to attend one national or one local clinic)
  4. Work 25 games in a single season for USA Softball, can be a combination of both plate and base. 
  5. Promote and support USA softball in a positive light
  6. Game day evaluations must average rating at Very Good (46-54) or Excellent (55-60)
  7. Participate in the direct deposit program


Pay Date Windows & Direct Deposit Program

USA Softball is currently in a transition to where all umpires are direct deposit. All new Umpires registered starting for the 2018 season will be mandatory to utilize direct deposit. Veteran umpires will be allowed to receive checks by mail for the 2018 season only but will be required to transition to direct deposit for the 2019 season. 

For Direct Deposit:

Direct deposit payments will be posted by the Friday after the tournament (Barring any unforeseen circumstances)
All payroll data must be submitted from UIC’s by  Monday at 5:00PM
New direct deposit forms must be submitted seven days prior to tournament, if this occurs you will be paid based upon the paper check pay-cycle below.

Paper Mailed Checks:

Those veteran umpires receiving paper checks for the 2018 season: Checks will be mailed out in accordance with the following chart. 

USA Softball of Colorado Pay by Check Pay Dates 2018

*Direct Deposit is a criteria for receiving the certified umpire level and $41 p/game.