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USA Softball National Umpire Schools

The purpose of the USA Softball National Umpire School is to develop each student’s individual talents and skills as an umpire. Because of your interest, we realize that you have the pride and attitude it takes to become one of the best softball umpires in the nation. Our goal is to bring out the best in your talent and ability.

Each USA Softball National Umpire School is run by a team of no less than three National Umpire staff members. Each member is an experienced instructor with a boundless knowledge of all aspects of the game of softball. With a ratio of at least one clinician per 25 students, each participant will receive hands-on personal instruction throughout the school.  At the Fast Pitch Advanced Umpire School, instruction is focused on fast pitch only while the ratio is one instructor per 10 students. 

Contact the school coordinator shown below for an application and payment information.

Click here for a link to the Current National Umpire School Listing

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