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The USA Softball of Colorado (USASBC) Junior Olympic Scholarship Fund has been established to award scholarships to Junior Olympic male and female athletes, who are members of the USASBC and desire to further their education. USASBC holds a annual Scholarship Tournament, and all proceeds go directly into the scholarship fund. Additional funds are made available through contributions from fans, players, teams, umpires, tournament sponsors and anyone interested in the development of our youth through higher education. All contributions received will be placed in a separate USA Softball Scholarship account and distributions may be made only for the purpose it was established. Scholarships may only be applied for the continuance of higher education through accredited educational facilities.

To begin the process click each of these:  Player Welcome Letter and Player Application.

USA Softball Scholarship Committee Chair Teresa M. Mead

Past USA Softball Scholarship Recipients

1987 Kelly Horan Darcy Schipporeit Kristine Wirth    
1988 Kathleen Brown Sally Latschar Stacy Zotos    
1989 Ann Marie Danenhauer Roxanne  Fairchild Kristin Carol Fox    
1990 Wendy Doran Julie Robinson Bridgette Morrow Stacey Solano  
1991 Karen Bielak Sheila Lake Diana Pults    
1992 Lisa Dean Kally Hogan Julie Novotny    
1993 Denise Alton Kristin Brozovich Katherine Lessert Cara Lynn Relich  
1994 Jennifer Allie Stacy Andrews Rhana Hewitt Pamela Lane  
1995 Christina Clark Heather Leitner Molly Stanich    
1996 Lisa Ann Harris Kendra Harris Mandi Torrez    
1997 Allison Stanclift Bethany Stockwell      
1998 Merrill Baker Lynette Hicks      
1999 Michelle Randall Andres Maier      
2000 Christy Dean Allisa Thompson      
2001 Crystal Reingardt Britt  Swanson      
2002 Shana Easley Amy Hosier Lindsey Saip    
2003 Cortney Kayl Sarah Love Elisabeth Mooney    
2004 Rachel Love Danielle Murphy Megan Wallish    
2005 Kayla Backlund Laura Christopher Heather Kim    
2006 Christina  “Nicki” Lau Maureen “Mo” McDaniel Kathleen Olson Alex Schultz  
2007 Alyssa Corley Alisa Heronema Amy McMullen Caroline Potock  
2008 Caleigh Duran Tara Gappa Sara Weber Mallory Winters  
2009 Breanna Backlund Lindsey Doulgal Kendall Kautz Stephanie Runia  
2010 Randi Applehans Lindsey Boyd Molly Mullervy    
2011 Megan Eldredge Taylor Hutton Rebecca Wetsch Caitlin Wilson  
2012 Katelyn Aberle Brittany Hoppe Hanna Sendel Caitlan Tufts  
2013 Jesse Applehans Sydney Cohen Taryn Arcarese Carlie Sexton  
2014 Zoe Hinton Kelsey Laughlin Karli Hughes Lauren Paige  
2015 Macy Cox Kara Jones Kendall Ohman Nicole Towner  
2016 Elizabeth Ainsworth Hayley Dunning Sarah Bushman Tayler Mashburn Emily Moore
2017 Maria Simon Hannah Langer Kailyn McVay Jessica Elliott  
2018 Caitlin Smith Lainey Hughes Morgan Quimby Rachel Bean  


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