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2021 USA Softball Umpire Exam – Slow Pitch Only

Welcome to the 2021 Umpire Exam. 
(If you plan on calling any FP games as well please complete the Combined Exam)

Please put forth your best effort, this exam is not meant to trick you or create conflict. It is however meant to make you analyze situations, get in the books, reflect on possible past callings and grow our umpire community as a whole. This exam along with your registration and SafeSport online training is a requirement to umpire and you must score over an 80% for Registered umpires and over 90% for Certified umpires.

**NOTE: If you do not choose to log in you will not be able to save your answers. Please complete in one sitting, we recommend printing out the exam and pre-filling it out prior to entering it online. If you plan to pause in the middle of the exam, you must leave your computer on and your web browser open. Exiting the exam prior to final submission will result in all entered answers being erased. You will have 3 attempts to complete this, after 3 failed attempts you will have to contact Dustin Rice ( to reset your submissions.**


Your email address:

Your full name:


Do you plan on Umpiring in 2021?

Have you completed your USA Softball of Colorado 2021 Registration?

I agree that I have put in my own work and study for this umpire exam and I have not plagiarized information from fellow umpires or from the internet. Your submitted answers should be kept confidential unless in a discussion format to make the umpire community better as a whole.


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