Welcome to USA Softball of Colorado

The USA Softball of Colorado  Association (USASBC), is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization.  Our state office is located in Westminster, CO. This association was founded in 1952. The Junior Olympic program began in 1982 and has developed into the strongest and most progressive nonprofit softball organization in the State. We are the only path to  Olympic Softball!

Vision: USA Softball will be the standard of excellence in softball. USA Softball of Colorado serves as a guideline for each and every aspect of Softball operations. Our objective is to position USA Softball of Colorado as the gold standard of tournaments management, officiating, competition, community program integrity and involvement.

Mission: USA Softball is the National Governing Body of softball in the United States.  We develop, administer and promote the sport of softball to provide opportunities for participation and the best possible experience for those involved.


  1. Continue and enhance our long standing focus on the player, the quality of the game, and quality of service.
  2. Focus on financial and organization effectiveness that enhances our services.
  3. To be a creative and responsive business partner with other softball nonprofit organizations.

Operational Parameters:

Provide best in class customer service

USA Softball is the only governing body that operates a Gold classification program.

USA Softball requires all registered coaches to be ACE certified and pass a background check.

USA Softball of Colorado will partner with softball organizations to support their fund raising efforts.

USA Softball of Colorado only sanctions tournament for 501C (3) organizations in good standing.

Assure tournaments conducted in accordance with our established standards.

General Council


 USA Softball Colorado News

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NOW AVAILABLE- The “2018 Official Rules of USA Softball” are available for purchase on the APPLE AND ANDROID Platforms. You can search “USA Softball” or “rules of softball” on both platforms and the listing will pop up for purchase for $14.99 annual payment.
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Balls and Strikes Online Magazine – December 2017 issue available now.

Date Line Feb 8, 2018: In order to continue the growth of strength in training and resources, the State UIC has appointed Dustin Rice as the USA Softball of Colorado State Rules Interpreter. Dustin has already started to hit the ground running in updated the rules information page which can be found here. Dustin will continue to sereve as a UIC on the umpire staff. he can be contacted at

Date Line Jan 13, 2018: As we continue  strengthening our leadership team, I have appointed  Tony Rodriguez as the State UIC. He can be reached at

Date Line Dec 1, 2017: As we continue strengthening our leadership team, I have filled the open position of Junior Olympic Commissioner for the State of Colorado. I would like to announce I have appointed Caitlan Wilkinson effective today.

I am certain Caitlan’s passion, drive and softball experience will add value and continued improvement to the program. She can be reached at JO Commissioner

Date Line Jan 28, 2015: OKLAHOMA CITY — The Amateur Softball Association (ASA)/USA Softball, a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization, announced today that Nik Mead (Westminster, Colo.) has been appointed as Commissioner for the Colorado ASA/USA Softball association. Mead will assume his responsibilities immediately.

“I am thrilled to be selected as the next Commissioner for Colorado ASA/USA,” Mead said. “I accepted the position because I believe I can make a difference. My many years of softball experience and the working relationships I have created during this period will certainly add value.”

August 15, 2017 – Roster will be reset and all players will automatically be released in RegisterUSA and Tournament USA.

Monday, August 22nd @ 8:00AM Central Time – New ACE and Background Checks for the 2017 will not be allowed; only in-progress ACE or Background Checks will be completed during the last two of weeks of the season.

Monday, August 29th @ 8:00AM Central Time – RegisterASA will be taken offline for maintenance

Friday, September 1st, 2017 @ 8:00AM Central Time – RegisterASA will be back online.

Our association will now be in the 2018 season for JO registrations. ACE and Background Checks for the 2018 will resume.